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Welcome to Interactive Sex Games.

Howdy friends – it's John here from Interactive Sex Games and today, I'm delighted to be able to talk to you a little bit about what it is we have to offer and why you might want to make this your home away from home. Before we get too far into discussions, I should let you know ahead of time that this is an 18+ project: if you are not above the age of 18, please leave immediately! Anyone remaining: you should be warned that these games are highly addictive and your cock is likely to be very sore from all of the jerking off that you're about to do. If that doesn't seem like a direction you want to go in, flee posthaste. We're not afraid to be up front about what we are and as you can probably tell, we pull no punches. It has long been our desire to marry man's two favorite activities: watching porn and playing video games. We're surprised that no developer has really spent a lot of time on these concepts before, but oh well – here we are. So, do you want to take a step toward the unknown and explore the full, erotic delights waiting for you inside Interactive Sex Games? Then let's begin!

Free access right now

Since we began Interactive Sex Games, it was our belief that giving away access would be the best step forward. Many people have now realized that when it comes to gaming, the cover can often be a hell of a lot better than the final game. Recent examples include Cyberpunk 2077 and pretty much any space-themed game – they always fall short of expectations and, more importantly, promises. The great thing about giving you free access to Interactive Sex Games is that if you don't like what it is we offer, you simply leave and that's that. You don't feel locked into playing because you bought the game, nor do you get the sense that you've been scammed. Just close the browser window and go do something else – no harm, no fowl. This approach also allows us to really focus on giving you the best product possible: we have an immense amount of pressure to get you to come back time and time again. If you don't, then we lose out – simple as that. So, in short, our gaming platform is completely free of charge and always will be. We'll always offer you the best games around and if they're below your expectations, ditch us – we probably deserve it!

Exclusive, in-house gaming collection

Another problem we've identified, particularly in the adult gaming space, is that many communities claim to have exclusive games but actually just license them from third parties. For your peace of mind, let me be frank: everything you see here at Interactive Sex Games is 100% exclusive to our platform. There are no two ways about it: this is a happiness hub with brand new games that you cannot find anywhere else. We produced them, labored over them and now patch them – see for yourself the difference this makes with regard to objective quality and so on. We're proud to provide the horny gamers of you out there with never seen before gaming goodness. We also won't be selling access to these games for any other destination – so you're pretty much forced to come inside if you want a taste of what we have to offer. Oh, I think it's probably wise to talk a little about size too (I tend to avoid this, especially when talking to women!). We currently have 33 games inside, with a further 4 in beta testing. It's a chunky library, that's for sure – it can always be expanded though, which is why we have 4 full-time developers getting on with the job of creating better and better sex games that we can give you access to!

Unparalleled levels of interaction

Ever feel like it doesn't really matter what you do in a game and that it's basically playing itself? Well, that's something that you won't feel here on Interactive Sex Games. Our founding philosophy was to give ultimate levels of control and autonomy to the gamer: they should be the ones calling the shots and deciding exactly what happens. Now naturally, different games have different levels of input, but rest assured that every porn game we have inside will adapt itself based on what you choose to do. Many times this is language based (saying X instead of Y), but you'll also find multiple choices for various quest lines, the ability to spare enemies and even the closing of sexual options if you don't perform all that well! We think we've really struck the right balance here and what's more, most of our games are able to be played with just a mouse. This gives you a hand free to, well, you know. Nope? Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, the free hand is so that you can stroke your cock while you play our sex games. There – I said it – happy now?!

More great things planned

Alongside 4 games that are currently being tested, we have a hell of a lot of features that we want to add to our community over the next year or so. Primary among these is the ability to modify the games, giving tools to our members that they can then use to make changes and so on. It might sound silly, but we really believe that community input to our porn gaming adventure is the best step forward. Look: we're not going to steal ideas, but if something becomes popular enough in the modding area to warrant a permanent change to the underlying game, you better believe we're going to patch our title! Other plans that we have include a Discord server (should be online any day now) and a full free HD porn video tube, with some extra special interactive videos that let you call the shots – sweet!

So friends – what's it to be? The offer here is something that few can resist, so do what's right and create an account. I look forward to seeing you inside Interactive Sex Games – the Internet's only genuine source for next-level XXX gaming action.

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